A design by Majed Harasani is an industry-leading example of excellence. Architecture born of an innovative mind, a thirst for quality, and a passion for the craft.
As a partner, we will develop a close and creative architect-client relationship with you.
A true boutique studio; we accept just a select number of commissions each year. This way we can give your vision the thought, care, and time it deserves.

Majed Harasani
Majed Harasani spent his formative years in a household that lived and breathed architecture- and since forged a reputation in the luxury market.
Bringing an intuitive understanding of the spirit of design, power of materials, and importance of the process; Majed honed his craft during studies in London and New York. Over the years, he has collaborated with international award-winning architects such as Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, and Perkins & Will. Strong relationships are in our DNA. So it is no surprise that Majed leads the way. He puts you at the heart of key decisions, before effectively managing, sourcing and driving your project’s delivery- in turn bringing the very best out of the final design.
An appreciation of luxury
Our bold concepts, proven delivery methods and passion for fine detail has drawn commissions from day one. Our specialist studio will quickly gain a deep understanding of your project’s potential. By nature, we expect to produce the very best for you. Which is why Majed closely oversees every project we engage with. This is also why there are now Majed Harasanis across Saudi Arabia and beyond. They serve as industry benchmarks. Luxury buildings and spaces to be loved, lived and enjoyed. We would be equally proud to design, plan and realise your ambition too.

Work of unique radiance
Our team’s expertise has been commissioned by characters of exceptional taste. From government sectors to leading business figures; the clients we partner have helped us craft a portfolio spanning the full spectrum of exceptional residences.
Predominately active throughout the Middle East, we have created Exquisite residences to luxury 5 stars hotels. Put together, these projects illustrate our capabilities, knowledge, experience, and love for exceptional design.